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    We’re Back!  After a longer than expected absence, ScienceTriviaTweets is back from hiatus.  Watch for daily science trivia questions at about mid-day each business day at is the blog associated with  I post a question related to science, and invite people on Twitter to send their answers.

    As stated in my Twitter bio, the person with the first correct answer wins “an all-expense paid trip to anyplace you can go without incurring expenses.”  That is, there is no prize.  It’s just for fun.

    Here on this blog, I’ll collect and present some more detailed information regarding the question.  The brief discussion on Twitter will link to the relevant discussion here.

    You may comment here, just as on any blog, but I’d prefer to communicate via Twitter.  Remember, this blog is an adjunct to the Twitter account, and not really meant to stand on its own.

    Besides, this is a hobby, and a minor one at that. Frankly, I will not be devoting a lot of time to this blog, either in its appearance or its content.

    Correct answers to the trivia questions are rewarded with hearty congratulations and the esteem of your fellow tweeters.  (There are no prizes, and that decision is final.  It’s just for fun.)

    Trivia questions are posted on just about every day except:

    • Sundays
    • U.S. Holidays
    • Days I don’t get around to posting, or just don’t feel like it.

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