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  • What plant-based component of traditional North American Thanksgiving feast is named for a bird?

    Posted on November 22nd, 2010 admin No comments

    First correct answer was from @ilrokery:  The cranberry is a traditional Thanksgiving food that was named for a bird (originally “crane berry”).

    The cranberry was so named for the resemblance of its flowers to a crane’s courtship display.  The cranberry’s petals curve far backward, exposing the anthers and stigma, like the outstretched neck and backard-pointing wings of a courting crane.

    The cranberry is native throughout high latitudes of the Norhtern Hemisphere, but was first used as food in the Americas.  As a food introduced to the English by the Indians, cranberries (usually as sauce) became part of the traditional Thanksgiving Day feast.  After the Indians introduced them to cranberries, Europeans began harvesting them in the Old World as well.

    More about cranberries:

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